I AM: The Maori Jesus

I AM: The Maori Jesus

In response to James K. Baxters infamous poem ‘The Maori Jesus’, Ben Brown paints his epiphany as a street walking native, pushing back the veneer of wellbeing to reveal a discomforting real world picture of self abuse, religious contempt and anger. A powerful proposal from a contemporary Maori, on how he views himself and his surrounding.

Recorded Live in front of a studio audience, this revelationary piece of poetry become immortalized in wax as a direct to disk recording in a one-off performance at The Naval Point Yacht Club on the 19th of April, 2013. We where honored and privileged to document this special moment. 

On Location Bali

A few Instagram Pics while on location In Bali shooting a save water Campaign for Unilever


The Artist Flox asked us to document her process of the creation of an art work for The Tiger Translate Event.

Direction and Photography Gareth Moon 
Lighting and Grip Sam Tozer
Art Direction Darren Foster
Post Production Olivier Jean

NZ Inspired

We Where asked By Hay Maker Creative in Vancouver to profile New Zealand Based, Artists Designers, Architects and Musicians.
The brief was as part of the NZ inspired Campaign for Treasury Wine Estates, as an internal presentation to its Directors, Share holders and Sales teams, to what makes " New World Wine" an exciting and challenging enterprise,

Client : Treasury Wine Estates
Agency : Haymaker Creative - Vancouver
Directed By : Zoe Mcintosh
Producer : Olivier jean
Creative : Gareth Moon - Olivier jean
Photography : Gareth Moon 
Art Director : Ash Turner
Post Production : Pleasure Kraft
Music : Peter Hobbs


Time Machince | Silo Park Inoguration

A collaboration with Perceptual Engineering & Puck Murphy for the Auckland Silo park first week long Art event & official opening.

The Time Machine is an interactive kinetic sculpture that transports you via time travel " we worked with John Baxter, Puck Murphy, Robin Rawstorne and Cam Ballantyne, to tune the Time Machine to it's new v4 with Silo specific interactiv'ness !

Working with Arduino's a lot of OSC & MIDI and a fair dose of Max-Msp, all gel-up by some syphon VDMX goodness.


Standing in silence is a reference to a point in time, where we experience a unique and intimate moment of awareness

Standing in silence is a cinematic, experimental documentary film and live performance that weaves together a mosaic of portraits and landscapes illustrating cultures in the grips of change. This project was photographed in Japan, China & India between 2008 & 2010 By Gareth Moon with assistance from Matt Steele , Eco Zu , Olivier Jean & Jon Baxter. 

Our principal objective for the Standing in Silence project is to create a moment in time for viewers to consider their own place in a rapidly changing world